Things Are … Good

Wow. It’s been a while, but I definitely have to get back in to the swing of things.

Everything has honestly been so great lately.

  • Roommates: Check
  • School: Check
  • Boyfriend: Check
  • Internship: Check
  • Family: Check
  • Life in general: Check

My best advice, don’t give up on yourself and the person you want to be.

Oh really, you had a shitty day? Well don’t think about it, move past it and make tomorrow better.

Holy shit, it’s really that easy? Yes, yes it is.

This is where the lovely Sara, Katie and Lexi play a big role. They’re the ones who are there who have to help me get past those moments. No matter how big or small, you usually want someone to pay attention and simply listen. Hmmm. Listen. Well that’s a food for thought. Simply listening is something everyone can easily do.

Moving past the worst days, even if you have five out of seven bad days, and focus on the good days, even if you have one out of seven.

Being positive sucks. But it’s easier than it looks and you can do it. Trust me on this one.


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