Thirsty Thursday

All or nothing. That’s all I’ve been thinking about when it comes to relationships. Why should the girl have to give their all or nothing? It just doesn’t make sense to me. So let’s hear this rant.

Giving your all just makes you sound crazy. We have lives! I hope you know that! Our lives do not revolve around you! We have so much to do with our lives! School, work, family to be with and to live every moment to the fullest whenever you can, which should be every second of every day.

No I am not saying that only girls feel like this, maybe guys do too, but this is from my perspective.

Just live your life to the fullest and don’t get tied down to someone just because you might think they’re “the one.” Okay cool, go ahead and think that, but live your life too! I’m not telling you what to do, but if any of you know my friends and I, we are for sure living it up!

Be chill and keep it laid-back.


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