Woman Crush Wednesday

Just so she can stop complaining, here’s my girl, not one of my roommates, but a past and future one – Lexi.

She is honestly my go to girl. The one who understands what I go through on a daily basis. The one who can make me laugh when I am having the worst day. The one who knows what kind of movies I like to watch with her. The one who understands why I am crying on a random day, because we both know when it rains it pours. The one who can come cuddle with me whenever she wants.

Lexi is a little crazy, in good and bad ways, but she will always have my heart! She’s honestly like a sister to me, just like the rest of my roommates are.

I know she will be by my side, even when she disagrees with me on whatever it is I’m doing. But she knows I will always have her back too!

Lexi is one of those honest people, the ones you don’t like sometimes. In the end result though, even if I didn’t listen to her advice, she was usually right. Making me realize that maybe sooner or later I will actually listen, just maybe.

Thanks for always be there for me Alexis Margarita Martina Jennings Torres. Love you so much!


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