Thirsty Thursday

Well, have the tables turned in the past few weeks. Boys. Oh these boys. I feel like all of us girls in the townhouse and Matt have switched roles.

The one who’s usually not single is single.

The one who is usually single is not single.

The one who is usually talking to someone is not talking to someone.

The one who is usually not talking to someone is talking to someone.

It’s all sorts of complicated around here.

They do call it “cuffing season” here at Bonaventure. “Cuffing season is the season to get tied down to something real. When it’s just too cold to go outside, you’ll be glad to be cuffed to someone special.”

With that definition I’m sure you can tell what’s going on around here, a lot of emotions, even when someone doesn’t know what cuffing season is. Us girls are crazy by giving in and having feeling for these boys, especially when we don’t know if these boys having feelings for us or not!

Like I’ve said before, this is when every girl starts to think about marriage and that worries them about the future. We just gotta chill ladies. Just chill. Because otherwise we seem psychotic and we don’t want that. At all.

Just be cool and let it happen, just go with the flow. Trust me, it works.


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