Almost There

Man, us girls just want this to be done and over with! The semester can’t drag on anymore and neither can our emotions. We’ve been together for the past four months and if it’s not obvious already, we are starting to get sick of each other. Okay, I think it’s past “starting” actually. Obviously we […]

Thirsty Thursday

All or nothing. That’s all I’ve been thinking about when it comes to relationships. Why should the girl have to give their all or nothing? It just doesn’t make sense to me. So let’s hear this rant. Giving your all just makes you sound crazy. We have lives! I hope you know that! Our lives […]

Woman Crush Wednesday

Just so she can stop complaining, here’s my girl, not one of my roommates, but a past and future one – Lexi. She is honestly my go to girl. The one who understands what I go through on a daily basis. The one who can make me laugh when I am having the worst day. […]

Wasn’t Expecting That

It was a weird week around here at Townhouse 242. Found out some pretty sad news about one of my roommates, which will change what next semester looks like for us. Let’s just say, when it rains, it pours. Which absolutely sucks, but I guess that’s life. The whole dynamic and atmosphere of the Townhouse […]

Thirsty Thursday

Well, have the tables turned in the past few weeks. Boys. Oh these boys. I feel like all of us girls in the townhouse and Matt have switched roles. The one who’s usually not single is single. The one who is usually single is not single. The one who is usually talking to someone is […]