Stupid Sunday

This past weekend was an okay one, but definitely a needed one.

All of us girls went home for the weekend. There wasn’t really any particular reasons as to why we all went home. I think we just all needed to get away from each other and see our families and do our thing for a couple of days.

Sometimes it’s just better to get away from the school atmosphere to be able to come back and have a new focus. It’s better to get away from the girls and just take a breather. It’s better to see your family for a few days if you’re overwhelmed and can’t handle it at school at the moment.


Leaving school just brings a sense of relaxation in my life. Then when it’s finally to come back, seeing the girls isn’t such a bad thing. We all catch up on our weekends, usually, and just carry on with our day.

The weekend away is totally worth it, even if I was busy the whole time I was home. Now back to reality – school work, girl/roommate drama, boy drama, stress, anxiety and everything else that comes with the college experience.


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