Thirsty Thursday

Well geez. Being a junior in college and thinking that maybe soon after college you could be getting married is literally the scariest thing ever!

It’s most girls’ dreams to find the right guy and marry him and have a family and so on. I believe this especially happens in college. Once you start dating people you wonder if this is the last person you’ll ever date and who knows, maybe get married to them one day.

At the age of 20, it is definitely a scary thought to have of getting married in the next few years.

Right now, the first thing I have on my mind is school, then internships then a job. The last thing I have on my mind is boys right now!

Even though my roommates and I always have the topic come up, it’s none of our priorities right now, we have other important shit to deal with and worry about. Yes the four of us agree that it’s nice to talk to guy, switch it up here and there with who you’re talking to, but this guy should not assume that there will be a relationship formed from this. We got our own lives to live!!

I mean the girls in 242 are always here for a nice chat and movie nights, so feel free to hit the roommates up, just please don’t creep them out, they would be really mad at me!


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