Just Being Emotional

It’s coming down to the last few weeks of the semester and it’s getting pretty emotional. Slowly realizing that I’m halfway through my junior year of college and being thankful for these crazy girls in my life. I got my sidekick who completely understands me. About boys, life decisions, froyo and so much more. You’re […]

Casual Friday

It’s nice being with my family, but I definitely miss my second family – my Bonaventure family. It’s weird to think that I met these girls a little over two years ago and now I consider them my family. They have been with me through thick and thin. Through my family members passing away. Through […]

Let’s Not Go There

Yes, we know I’ve been a little sassy about everything lately, but I mean, I have every right to be. Well at least I think so considering I live with three girls and I just want to be home. So I’m going to be sassy again. Here we go… Drama that’s not necessary. Honestly, let’s […]

Sassy Saturday

I get annoyed very easily. Just do the simple things. That’s all I ask. Honestly. Really. That’s it. Please. Just don’t make me beg. It’s really not that hard. I’m just being a little extra sassy lately and it’s not half bad.

Thirsty Thursday

Well here it is, the best day of the week. Let the ladies tell their feelings about those boys. We are all looking for that “perfect guy” in our own eyes. Dark haired, blue eyed, tall, athletic, smart, funny, family guy and good in bed and the list goes on. But let’s be real, not […]

Little Too Close

Somehow, some way, there always ends up being a little meeting in my room. Almost every day. Not a specific day either. Whether it’s just me and one of the girls, or two of the girls or all four of us, it always happens. The “meetings” consist of either someone sitting on my bed, laying […]

Sassy Saturday

It’s definitely the weekends that remind me how lucky I am to have these three girls by my side 24/7. Without these lovely, psychotic, half normal girls by my side, my weekends would not be the same. They go out with me, they buy me food, they give me great drunk advice, they cook for […]