Thirsty Thursday

Everyday girls are always worrying about what a certain boy thinks of them, if that boy likes them back, if they notice her and so on. No matter if they say they don’t want to date someone or talk to someone or anything a long those lines, a girl is always wondering about a guy, sometimes just can’t admit it.

It happens every day in my townhouse, but it always gives us something to talk about. Back at home with two brothers, obviously I didn’t have anyone to talk about with that kind of topic. So now that I’m surrounded by girls all the time, it’s a common theme to talk about around here! Sometimes it’s annoying as hell, sometimes it’s interesting learning about what types of guys my friends are interested in.


All around it’s a good experience either getting to talk about a cute guy, getting to talk shit about a guy or just talking about them in general. Sometimes we just never grow up when topics like this are brought up!


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