We All Do It

Now, you see. There is one thing that I can admit to that I do all the time, but I’m not the only one guilty of it. My roommates are too.

Interrupting. Interrupting another person’s story to try and tell the best part, to tell the part we were involved, to make sure the person we’re telling the story to knows we already heard the story. So many reasons why we want to interrupt.

I always catch myself doing it, but lately I catch everyone around me, especially my roommates, either cutting me off or other people off. The best part is that they don’t even realize what they’re doing and neither do I.


I’m lucky enough to say that my brothers surprisingly  do not interrupt me, anymore. I think they have learned over the years how annoying it is to me. Or they just don’t care enough to tell the story. I like to think that they care enough not to bother me or piss me off.

I love telling stories and I know my roommates do too, in particular gossip stories. Those are definitely the best. It’s really bad when more than one of us knows the gossip so we all try telling the other girls and then it is just interruption after interruption!

People chiming in on my stories is one of my top five pet peeves. I. Get. So. Annoyed. When. People. TRY. To. Tell. MY. Story. If I didn’t make that clear enough, it makes me so mad that I usually don’t finish the story. Obviously I shouldn’t get that mad about it, but it’s so aggravating. I know I’m not the only one who gets annoyed with it, so maybe I should start asking around to others about what they do to stay calm about it!

I love my roommates to death, but I swear if they, or anyone else, interrupts an important story, funny story, serious story, pointless story or gossip, I will not be happy. That is all.


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