Got Each Other’s Backs

Since I live with my best friends, we all took the same Clare courses, which are just Gen Eds. With taking the same courses, this can be at the same time, with the same professor or just taking the same course  during the semester, it makes it so much easier on all of us. We can notes from one another, skip class together, help each other with understanding certain topics and so on.

This semester, all of my roommates and I are taking the same course, Inquiry of the Natural World. Everyone hates this class at St. Bonaventure. We all have different professors except for Katie and I, but the course is all the same with each professor, so all of us have the same notes and everything.

So, today Katie and I decided to skip class. With doing that, we missed all the notes, pretty positive we missed a pop quiz, but this didn’t worry us. We know the syllabus pretty well, so we know it’s not THAT terrible that we missed the quiz and we can get the notes from one of our other roommates who had to take the same notes that we would’ve had to. So, at this point, it’s honestly whatever.


Sometimes I take school way too serious, so it’s nice to skip a class and do nothing. But today that wasn’t the case. Instead of doing nothing, I’ve been getting ahead in my other classes, so I’d say this morning was a pretty productive morning if I say so myself.


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