The Little Things

Well, the weekend went by fast. But when doesn’t it?

Obviously as a college student, some of the best parts are going out on the weekends. As much as I find this true, I have a different favorite part of the weekend.

My roommates and I generally wake up around the same time on the weekends. It’s like we can’t sleep in and it’s very annoying. But with that happening, I can hear everyone moving in their beds and slowly getting up. They get up and go to the bathroom and one by one we all gather in someone’s room, usually my room, or the living room. We start talking about our night and share our favorite stories. Then sometimes we break some news about something stupid one of us did. Sometimes we remember doing it, other times we have no recollection.

Without these ladies, not only would my nights be boring, but my mornings would be too. There would be no more morning chit chats, which would be very disappointing.

When I’m at home with my brothers, we never had talks like that. Obviously I wasn’t going out with them like I do here, but still. Even if I did go out with them, we still wouldn’t have morning chats like that because they could honestly careless about stuff like that.

I do appreciate having the girls to talk to every morning, otherwise it would be pretty boring around here. I mean, I guess sometimes I love them.


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