Woman Crush Wednesday

You know what time of the week it is! Not only is it Hump Day, but it’s Woman Crush Wednesday! Today’s special is on – Kat!

Where do I begin with this one? As it goes for the same with the other girls, this is the first time I have actually lived with Kat. There are some scenarios though that I would’ve considered her my “come and go roommate” at times.

Kat likes to bounce around and see how everyone is doing and always has a story to tell, even if I just saw her 15 minutes ago, which is one of her unique qualities! Ever since freshmen year Kat has either lived across the hall or down the hall from me, which kind of made her my third roommate! Whether it was her and I studying for finals in my room all night freshmen year, her doing a new up-do on me that she recently learned or hearing her specific knock on the door, it was always nice to have company because my roommates in the past were always busy doing something!

Kat is someone who has seen many sides of me, but the same goes for her. I’ve seen many sided of my dear Kat. She’s honestly like a blessing in disguise to have around because she’s that sister who always gives advice and knows little tidbits that are always helpful! Obviously she’s also that sister can get on my last nerve, just like the rest of the ladies who live here, but she knows I would drop anything for her if she ever needed anything!

Kat is the amazing sister who takes the time to help me get ready to go out- let’s my borrow her clothes, does my hair, my makeup and anything else I need done. She now knows exactly what she can and can’t do for my makeup and how to exactly do my hair because otherwise she would hear me complain and I would nicely ask her to do it again and again until it’s right. I guess in this situation I may be the annoying sister, but I gotta keep the streak rolling even if my brothers are not around!

Thanks for always being my “Crazy Kat” and thanks for always listening to me complain. You’re not too bad I guess! Love you Kat!


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