Week from Hell: Check

Junior year. A rough year so far. Not looking so hot on my end.

This past week was midterm week, so much expected out of us students all crammed in to two or three days. Papers, midterm exams, online quizzes, in class quizzes, presentations, sculptures. Anything you can really think of all jammed in. On top of it for me, it was the two year anniversary for my mom passing away. Like it couldn’t be enough with everything else going on, that day had to fall right in the middle of midterm week.

The girls and I were stressed to the max, some sick, very anxious to get the week over and just go home and do nothing. Without my roommates by my side, this past week would’ve been way worse. I wouldn’t have had anyone to talk to, anyone to help me study and anyone to also understand how stressful of a week it was and how worse it could get. My week could’ve been worse by having more midterms, but I’m going to be okay with only have a few. I am not complaining about that!

It’s the little moments they make count. Checking on me when I’m studying, sending me funny texts to get me through the day and letting me know that Victoria’s Secret has a 7 for $27 sale going on. It’s the little things they do that make me love them even more, that make me realize they will forever be my sisters no matter what happens.

Now I get to spend some quality time with my family and friends at home. I can’t forget how much they’ve done for me over the years. They’ve taught me how to be helpful during stressful times, how to make someone smile when it’s been a terrible day for them. I guess I really can’t be more happy with the people I have surrounded myself with.

School is a stressful time for everyone. If I was living with a bunch of random people, who didn’t care about my week, who didn’t care about how my classes were going, the week would’ve been way worse. I’m happy to say I’ve chosen some of the best roommates ever. They do get on my nerves a lot about the little things, but then I step back and realize not to sweat it. To be happy I have them in my life at the moment and value the friendship I have with them. If this is the closest I’m going to get to have a sister, I’m okay with that.


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