Not Feeling Sunday

Today is unfortunately Sunday. A relaxing yet very stressful day for a college student. Always waiting til the very last minute to get everything done in about ten hours, give or take.

The weekend kind of started off on Wednesday, which I’m really not complaining about. It has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Advantage – being able to be with one of my best friends who is never able to go out on the weekends and her getting me some chicken wings from 3rd Base. Disadvantages – not getting any of my work done, stressing out the next day about it, being hungover at work and class. Those are just some of the disadvantages that came with drinking on Wednesday. Who knows, it may or may not happen again.

On to the real weekend though. Friday night. Oh Friday night. It was an interesting night. I’m reminded every night by the girls to not speak my mind when I’m drinking, it apparently gets me into trouble. But sometimes I just gotta do it. So I did. And this time nothing went wrong! Well I don’t recall anything going wrong!

This is where the difference comes in. If I was out with my brother he would not remind me to keep my mouth shut, so I would always be getting myself into situations, sometimes without even realizing it. Then he would be mad at me and blah blah blah. With the girls though, they make sure I don’t say anything stupid about myself, anything about them to the guy they’re talking to or anything that would embarrass us. On the plus side of having the girls, at least they always have my back and I’m thankful for that! Let’s hope it stays that way.

Us girls are always watching out for each other. Saying where we’re going- even if it’s two feet away, who we’re going to talk to- even if that person is right next to us, always go to the bathroom together – even if it’s our friends house or townhouse. Simple things like that where we don’t all act like 20 year olds. This is really why I appreciate having them around though! It’s the small things like that that keep us all sane so we’re not freaking out looking for someone because they didn’t tell us where they were going, even though they only went to the bathroom.

Make sure you stop and tell your friends that you appreciate them being over protective parents when you go out. Because when they’re no longer like that, you’ll miss it.


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