The Whole Family Thing

Luckily, I have a very close family and I couldn’t appreciate them more than I already do. They are always there to stick up for me, always have my back and I can’t thank them all enough for that. Without them, I wouldn’t be the strong person I am today. Know, I have two families, […]

Thirsty Thursday

Everyday girls are always worrying about what a certain boy thinks of them, if that boy likes them back, if they notice her and so on. No matter if they say they don’t want to date someone or talk to someone or anything a long those lines, a girl is always wondering about a guy, […]

We All Do It

Now, you see. There is one thing that I can admit to that I do all the time, but I’m not the only one guilty of it. My roommates are too. Interrupting. Interrupting another person’s story to try and tell the best part, to tell the part we were involved, to make sure the person […]

Stupid Sunday

Well, this weekend was one for the books. Kittens Alcohol Birthday Parties Crying Drunk Bus Conversations Yelling at my Roommates Pumpkinville That pretty much summed up the weekend. But I have to talk about one thing where I got out of control in a situation where I shouldn’t have. In general I am a very […]

Got Each Other’s Backs

Since I live with my best friends, we all took the same Clare courses, which are just Gen Eds. With taking the same courses, this can be at the same time, with the same professor or just taking the same course ┬áduring the semester, it makes it so much easier on all of us. We […]

The Little Things

Well, the weekend went by fast. But when doesn’t it? Obviously as a college student, some of the best parts are going out on the weekends. As much as I find this true, I have a different favorite part of the weekend. My roommates and I generally wake up around the same time on the […]

Finally Over

Even though this week was only a three day week, I still had a lot of stuff to do. Finishing up midterms, papers, writing blogs, going to meeting and so on. I’m just glad this whole midterm kind of work is over. I mean that is college and there is a great end result, but […]