Woman Crush Wednesday

When it’s Wednesday, it’s about my girls. This week – Katie!

Katie is one of my best friends and roommate this year. She is usually my go to girl about pretty much anything. Going to get frozen yogurt, going to get food pretty much anywhere, is always down for a drive, can always gossip, loves my stories, well I think she does, even when I don’t finish the story and always has the best advice when it comes to guys, which I don’t ever listen to but then realize I should’ve after it happened.

I’m pretty much her sidekick when it comes to the weekends. Always planning at the last minute and it always ends up working out for us because we don’t care what we do. As long as we got each other there to catch each other doing something stupid or something we shouldn’t be doing.

Katie is one of the realest, most upfront people I have ever met, which I need in my life. She tells me how it is and I respect that because nobody else has the nerve to do it.

Honestly, it’s the best when we go home on break because Katie lives right down the road from me, so she’s usually always down to do something. If that doesn’t come close to what a sister is then I don’t know what does.

Katie, I couldn’t thank you enough for being the realest person in my life, whether I like it or not. You’ve always got my back and I couldn’t appreciate you more for that. Love you Katie!

Do you have the best roommates and most awesome best friends or is that just me?


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