Stupid Sunday

The weekend is finally over, and I never say finally for that. It was one hectic weekend. Family visited for the weekend, put a lease down for a house for next year already, went out and didn’t come home with everyone, ate some pizza and woke up this morning not regretting one single thing. To me, that’s a pretty great weekend.

The whole living with girls thing gets very chaotic over the weekend. Everyone getting ready to go out at the same time, remembering to eat dinner, everyone taking selfies and everyone trying on five different outfits. I couldn’t be more stressed out or anxious in any other environment.

Growing up with two brothers, I was more on the tomboy side, so I know how to get ready fast and have good time management skills. Now I’m forced to get ready fast because there are no other options because some of my roommates are always in the bathroom getting ready.

A little rundown on the weekend though. I had some people not come back home with me back to our townhouse, which is very nerve racking as a girl. I wasn’t sure if they were going to go home or if they were staying somewhere else for the night, things like that running through my head are stressful enough. These girls are like my sisters, so I don’t want anything to happen to them. Sometimes us girls want to do what we want to do and don’t care about what anyone else says, which is annoying, even when I do it I’m sure it’s annoying. This happened a few times this weekend which made me want to scream at my friends, which I mean may or may not have happened a few times for certain reasons. Good reasons of course.

All I’m going to say is that it can be stressful and annoying living with girls and going out with them when they are very stubborn and do not like to listen to one another. I think the semester is definitely going to call for more confusing situations and more of my talks to the girls while we are, because apparently I act like the mom. I don’t think that’s a bad thing though!


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