Woman Crush Wednesday

Let’s meet one of my sarcastic, brilliant-minded, very laid back roommates, Sara!

Throughout my blogs, I’ll showcase my lovely roommates, who have all had huge impacts on my life. Whether it is being there for me since we met freshmen year, teaching me life lessons, helping me become the person I strive to be or telling me needless information about their majors, these girls have become the closest thing I have to sisters.

Sara – definitely a one of a kind girl. Even if she is in a bad mood, she will not take that into consideration when I need to talk to her. She will literally put everything aside just to make sure the rest of us are okay.

She is one of those friends that everyone wishes they had. Trust me, this is not me being nice and genuine because she reads these blogs – well I hope she does – this is full out honesty about her character. Sara is always laughing, smiling and using her sarcastic sass to brighten up everyones day. She’s always the first to ask how your day was and if it wasn’t good, she makes sure she can fix that. I couldn’t be more happy to share some of the most memorable years of my life with her!

Don’t let me steer you wrong though. Sara is one of the most interesting, weirdest humans I have ever met, saying that in the nicest way possible. Which is why I’m glad I can call her one of my best friends and very own sister, let me correct myself, weirdest sister of the bunch. Love you Sar!


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