Thirsty Thursday

Urban Dictionary version of “Thirsty Thursday” – when you don’t have class early in the morning on Friday so you can drink on Thursday night. Now a different meaning. The way my roommates and I can take “Thirsty Thursday” is use just ‘thirsty’ meaning, to crave attention or desperate. When a girl or guy is thirsty that means they will do anything to get someone else’s attention, who they may or may not like.

In the segments of “Thirsty Thursday” I will be talking about some of the boy problems I go through or deal with and all of the boy problems I get to enjoy listening to from my roommates.

Let’s just start off by saying that college is where most people start dating the people they end up marrying. Hearing that, the pressure is most definitely on. But that does not mean I am, or anybody is, searching for “the right person.” We all have shit to do and I would hope that is not in your top five things to accomplish while going to college. Please just keep that in mind!

There are going to be many screw ups you talk to, many creeps, many people you may think you love, but those shape you into the person you become, and that is okay! The one thing I do not do is say anything was a regret, because if I learned something from that person about who I want to be or learned from my mistakes, then it helped me out in the long run.



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