Weekly Chaos Updates

Welcome to the world of chaos, confusion, best friend drama, boy problems, family issues and school work all jammed in to one small townhouse. For the next two semesters of my life I’ll be living with three of my best friends, sharing more than just what happened during the day.

Growing up with two brothers my whole life, it’s a different situation living with three girls, very different. I can share clothes and makeup, but if I touch someone’s leftovers, I’d be shocked if a finger wasn’t missing off my hand. So I guess the food situation hasn’t really changed.

The weekly updates on my home life compared to living at school will definitely not be as interesting as Stupid Sunday, Twisted Tuesday, Thirsty Thursday and Sassy Saturday. I know, the days seem thrilling for a college girls’ life, but this isn’t just about me, it’s about the people in my life who have been there. I want to blog for people who have a hard time adjusting to something different in their lives, for people who want to learn how to deal with certain situations with people they see everyday and just to read about how fun and exciting college can and can’t be.

Be sure to come back and read the weekly updates on my unorganized, yet perfectly put together life and to see how well I’m handling these lovely, yet completely disoriented ladies in my life! Let the chaos begin!


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