Woman Crush Wednesday

When it’s Wednesday, it’s about my girls. This week – Katie! Katie is one of my best friends and roommate this year. She is usually my go to girl about pretty much anything. Going to get frozen yogurt, going to get food pretty much anywhere, is always down for a drive, can always gossip, loves […]

Twisted Tuesday

Back at it with the craziness again. Man do these ladies keep me on my toes. If I didn’t have them I wouldn’t have been able to get through a hell of a week last week. Everything I was involved in on campus had something going on, I had to get ready for family weekend, […]

Stupid Sunday

The weekend is finally over, and I never say finally for that. It was one hectic weekend. Family visited for the weekend, put a lease down for a house for next year already, went out and didn’t come home with everyone, ate some pizza and woke up this morning not regretting one single thing. To […]

Thirsty Thursday

Urban Dictionary version of “Thirsty Thursday” – when you don’t have class early in the morning on Friday so you can drink on Thursday night. Now a different meaning. The way my roommates and I can take “Thirsty Thursday” is use just ‘thirsty’ meaning, to crave attention or desperate. When a girl or guy is […]

Woman Crush Wednesday

Let’s meet one of my sarcastic, brilliant-minded, very laid back roommates, Sara! Throughout my blogs, I’ll showcase my lovely roommates, who have all had huge impacts on my life. Whether it is being there for me since we met freshmen year, teaching me life lessons, helping me become the person I strive to be or […]

Weekly Chaos Updates

Welcome to the world of chaos, confusion, best friend drama, boy problems, family issues and school work all jammed in to one small townhouse. For the next two semesters of my life I’ll be living with three of my best friends, sharing more than just what happened during the day. Growing up with two brothers […]